Training: Idea Transformation at Bahria University, Islamabad (18-Nov-2016)

Idea Transformation at Bahria University, Islamabad

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We have got a query from Bahria university, Islamabad to conduct a seminar on “System Analysis” which we converted into “Idea Transformation” which includes system analysis of an idea and also the planning that idea to make it service or product.

This seminar conducted in presentation room at first floor of Bahria University, Islamabad Campus with coordination of Ma’am Erum Ashraf who is right now lecturer in university.

Session started on the basics that how to clarify the idea on which we have to work because roughly there are many ideas in mind but we cannot start on all but we can filters based on some analysis and find out the one filtered idea.

After selection, need to do detailed system analysis in which need to define problem statement, solution, business requirements, KPI (key performance indicators) and the most important Stakeholders.

Also, presented a feasibility report which contains a detailed system analysis of an Electronic Medical System.

Last segment was introduction to Agile Project Management and how to move next with the idea development under Agile Umbrella.

Gave some conceptual guidance to the students that :

  • What is scrum ?
  • What is sprint ?
  • How can define back logs ?
  • How to pick a user story ?
  • How Scrum Works ?
Further, at end we conducted a workshop in which we need to do 5 iterations and in every iteration we have some rules which we need to follow and measure outputs.

Also discussed the risk in different iterations and the time management.

Overall session went great and got good feedback.

At end,Dr. Muhammad Muzammil presented a token of appreciation to the trainer Naveed Ramzan and a group photo was taken.

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