Training: Free Training in G-15 on Envision IT (25-Apr-2015)

Free Training in G-15 on Envision IT

Event Details

Session was planned to give a vision of Information Technology to the young generation (SSC and HSSC level) by Naveed Ramzan

Started session with the main steps of IT such as Creating, Evaluating, Analyzing, Applying, Understanding and Remembering as like Google doing. Further, discussed the Scope of IT in our beloved country Pakistan in which we shared few stats based on government surveys that how many government departments and ministries are moving to IT environment. Also, the societies playing role like P@ShA, PSEB, PITB and private societies

Gave an idea of demanding fields in IT like mobile apps, desktop development, web based development, web designing, social media marketing, seo, business etiquette and computer networks

Provided a 2 hour knowledge sharing session on ‘Envision IT’ to youngsters to provide them an idea that in which field of IT they can work/select

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