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ByNaveed Ramzan

GIT and Agile Introductory Session at Gold Bar Tech, Islamabad

We (Trainings.PK) have presented comprehensive presentation on GIT repository and Agile.

Our team member Syed Rizwan Abbas installed GIT on their server and did all configuration and allow the administrator to write down the instructions.

After that, Syed also guided about the GIT repositories management, difference between master and child, how to add file, commit, push and pull.

The most common issue in GIT is to resolve the conflict of files by different users so Syed guided them in maximum number of ways to resolve conflicts.

Also GoldBarTech team have practiced during session to use GIT efficiently.

After Lunch, we started Agile Introductory session in which we focused on Agile Manifesto and then moved to the Scrum.

Briefly guided Scrum environment, backlogs, sprints, sprint management, back log management, sprint environment and scrum roles.

Agile introduction and manifesto covered by our member Naveed Ramzan and sprint related things by Jawad Hussain

Gold Bar Tech team is very adaptive for new technologies and innovations. They co-operated with us very well.

During session, there were 2 breaks of TEA and 1 break for Lunch in which we went to Habibi, I-8, Islamabad

It was really nice training session.

Thanks GoldBarTech and Mr. Khurram Shahzad (CEO)




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ByNaveed Ramzan

Mobile App Development

We provide native (Ios and Android) and framework (ionic, phonegap and jqueryMobile)

ByNaveed Ramzan

Personality Development Training

We provide training to develop Personality of professionals. Specially we focus to work to build youngsters to develop leadership, interpersonal relations, communication, stress management, conflict management, change management, time management and skill development

ByNaveed Ramzan

Office Management Training

We provide office management training along Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Office365 or GoogleOffice. Office performance will be automatically doubled after this training because of excellent training tips.

ByNaveed Ramzan

Agile Coaching

We provide Agile coaching / training in companies and various open sessions. We focus to deliver a real value to the participants so they can implement / upgrade their skills with respect to Agile