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ByNaveed Ramzan

Training Session : UML + Testing at ARID, Rawalpindi

A 2 hours session on UML + Testing in which we have go through the UML Testing Profile (UTP) Model and Full Life-cycle Object Oriented Testing (FLOOT).

Also, we have covered the importance of Testing in software development field.

Comparison of theory and real testing in market.

Guided that how in real market professionals do testing and the ways to handle testing logs

Overall, feedback was 70% positive and rest were not replied 🙂




ByNaveed Ramzan

Workshop – Automation Testing with Selenium IDE

Provided Knowledge Sharing Session on “Automation Testing with Selenium IDE” at #AirUniversity . Overall 30 students attended this session which includes 40 min presentation and 120 min workshop in which students Record & Play a test case using Selenium IDE themselves.
Mr. Naveed gave a detailed concept of Testing:
  • What exactly Testing is ?
  • What we assume about Testing ?
  • Why we need it ?
  • How we can do it ?
  • What can be the limitations ?
  • What can be the use cases ?
  • How we can define use cases ?
  • How we can define boundaries of use cases ?
  • How we can define data validations of use cases ?
and then Miss Rizwana Zahoor initiated a talk regarding Automation Testing that why we need and how its beneficiary in industry.
After that, Rizwana initiated a practical example using Selenium IDE (Firefox Browser Extension) and tested a sample use case of log-in.
Overall session was good and students were feeling comfortable with the understanding.