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ByNaveed Ramzan

Training on E-Commerce & Web Shop

Provided training on E-Commerce and Create/Manage web store using Magento. There were 4 participants and all having laptops so hand-on experience we provided.

All have installed magento, theme and plug-in(s)

Also provided few tips of SEO + Market a web store.

A special session on Quality Assurance was provided to just give the awareness of QA.

Tea and lunch was provided to make energetic 🙂

Facilitator : Rizwan Rehman
Trainer : Naveed Ramzan
Chief Guest : Syed Jawad Hussain (Member of Board of Directors)
Participants :
– Syed Talib Hussain
– Sadaf Jalil
– Junaid Rahim Malik
– Nouman Rasool

We wish to all participant for their bright future.




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