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ByNaveed Ramzan

Workshop – Automation Testing with Selenium IDE

Provided Knowledge Sharing Session on “Automation Testing with Selenium IDE” at #AirUniversity . Overall 30 students attended this session which includes 40 min presentation and 120 min workshop in which students Record & Play a test case using Selenium IDE themselves.
Mr. Naveed gave a detailed concept of Testing:
  • What exactly Testing is ?
  • What we assume about Testing ?
  • Why we need it ?
  • How we can do it ?
  • What can be the limitations ?
  • What can be the use cases ?
  • How we can define use cases ?
  • How we can define boundaries of use cases ?
  • How we can define data validations of use cases ?
and then Miss Rizwana Zahoor initiated a talk regarding Automation Testing that why we need and how its beneficiary in industry.
After that, Rizwana initiated a practical example using Selenium IDE (Firefox Browser Extension) and tested a sample use case of log-in.
Overall session was good and students were feeling comfortable with the understanding.